OSU Nuclear Reactor Laboratory


The Ohio State University Nuclear Reactor Laboratory (NRL) is an interdisciplinary research facility within the university's College of Engineering. The NRL features The Ohio State University Research Reactor (OSURR), a professional gamma-ray spectroscopy system, multiple gamma-ray irradiators, and other irradiation facilities and radiation measurement equipment.

The NRL provides irradiation and measurement services in support of student and faculty research, student education, and as a service to industry. In addition, the laboratory provides instructional services in the form of student laboratory sessions and tours that support the university's Nuclear Engineering Program. Services are scheduled during regular business hours and are charged to users on a cost-recovery basis.

The cost of an experiment will depend upon the desired total exposure, the amount of staff involvement, and the disposition of the samples following the experiment.  There are hourly usage rates for the reactor and for staff time, and charges for rad waste.  Staff time is used for completing the safety analysis, reactor pre-start and post-shutdown checkouts, experiment installation and removal, rad waste disposal, etc. For inquiries regarding costs for services, please email reactor@osu.edu.



View of reactor beam ports and OSU logo in reactor pool

NRL Experiment User Guide

Pictures of the OSURR vertical dry tubes

Details regarding our facility characteristics and capabilities may also be found in our printer-friendly NRL User Guide.