Links for Experimenters

Useful links for experimenters:

  1. NIST Activation Calculator - This is a useful calculator for estimating activation of proposed experiment rigs.
  2. Interactive Chart of the Nuclides - The chart of the nuclides provides nuclide half-lives and information on decay radiation.
  3. Nuclear Data Center at KAERI - This site includes a table of nuclides and a listing of gamma rays as a function of energy.
  4. - This site includes decay schemes for some common nuclides.
  5. NIST Mass Attenuation Coefficients - These are useful for shielding calculations.
  6. Gamma-ray Dose Constants - The list of gamma factors is useful for estimating gamma dose rates following irradiation.
  7. OSU Rad Safety Short Course - This online course is required to obtain authorization to use radioactive materials at The Ohio State University, and may be required of external experimenters in certain circumstances.
  8. OAC 3701:1-38 - This site includes the State of Ohio General Radiation Protection Standards for Sources of Radiation.
  9. IAEA Nuclear Data Services - This site includes an interactive chart of nuclides.