Parking permits are required on all OSU-owned parking lots. If you park your car on West campus, there are parking lots for “WA,” “WB,” and “WC” pass holders. For those without an Ohio State parking permit, hourly parking can be purchased on parkmobile or at the kiosk behind 1314 Kinnear (within walking distance of our facility) and that covers parking in any of those lots. Please obey all posted parking signs at all times.

Directions for purchasing parking by the hour through Parkmobile

  1. Go to parkmobile.
  2. Click on “Ready to Park Now” Enter Zone # 69308 and click confirm zone. (On a PC, some browsers will have a pop up to “Allow Location Access”. If you don’t select “Allow Location Access” the page will not move forward.)


  1. Get the Mobile App

Helpful hints:

  • If you use the app or if you have entered your email address you will receive a warning that your parking is about to expire.
  • You can log in and extend parking before it expires. If it expires and you want more time you must start over with “Click Start Parking” There is a transaction fee every time you make a transaction – even if you are adding time to an existing parking order.
  • The same person can pay for multiple cars using the visitor tab.
  • Carpooling will save money.

For additional parking information, go to CampusParc. The Nuclear Reactor Laboratory is not able to negotiate parking pricing, nor does the department receive any revenue from parking fees. Prices are determined and retained by CampusParc, a third-party provider. Parking arrangements are subject to change based on university activities.