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Gamma Irradiators

60Co Gamma Irradiator

The OSU NRL houses a 60Co irradiator with a dose rate and profile seen here. Samples and experiments are irradiated in a 6"-diameter dry tube. 

Due to the design of the loading elevator, the usable diameter for an experimental setup in the 6"-diameter tube is ~ 4". The usable height is limited by the falloff in the flux profile seen at right.

The approximate dose rate in silicon at the peak location is:


137Cs Benchtop Irradiator

The NRL also houses a bench-top cesium irradiator. The space for sample irradiations is ~ 7.75" in length by 3.75" in diameter.

The approximate dose rate in water at the peak location is:


Other Sources

In addition to the gamma irradiators described above, the NRL has a number of small alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron sources available for use in classes, labs, and research. We can also produce sources for specific applications.