Laboratory Rules

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    All experimenters entering the NRL must sign in at the Visitor's Logbook.
  • No security clearance is necessary for experimenters, but persons who have not been granted unescorted access (which includes nearly all experimenters) will be monitored by the laboratory staff. In addition, only laboratory staff may allow persons into the Reactor Building bay.
  • Some training (usually a small amount) may be necessary, depending on the experiment.
    • Experimenters must follow the NRL Dosimetry Policy and the NRL Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) Guidelines when working with radioactive samples.
    • Experimenters shall not attempt to operate equipment with which they are unfamiliar.
  • Eating, drinking, or applying cosmetics or contact lenses is not permitted in the reactor bay. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on campus.
  • Per 10 CFR 160, visitors may not bring weapons or explosive materials into the NRL.
  • Experimenters should be careful to avoid dropping anything into the pool and should not place items on the pool wall.
  • All materials must be monitored for radiation when being removed from the reactor.  While the reactor is operating, sample removal or insertion shall be performed only with permission from the reactor operator.
  • No damaging materials are allowed near the core.
  • Experimenters needing to take pictures of their experimental setup(s) need to have an NRL staff member assist them.
  • Bags and packages not left in the lobby will be searched before being brought into the Reactor Building bay.