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Moveable Vertical Dry Tubes

The Ohio State University Nuclear Reactor Laboratory (NRL) offers the unique capability of reactor irradiations in external large-experiment dry tubes using the Research Reactor (OSURR). In the next-to-core position in which either a 6.5-in I.D. or a 9.5-in I.D. external dry tube can be located, irradiations can be performed in a neutron flux up to ~1012 n/cm2/s. The shielding plug for each tube has a cableway that allows cabling out of the dry tube to enable in-situ measurements from instrumented experiments. Among the possibilities for use are experiments involving instrumented, high-temperature irradiations of prototype instrumentation for next-generation reactors, sensors and sensor materials, and optical fibers designed for up to 1600 °C.

9.5 inch dry tube next to the reactor core9.5 inch dry tube next to the reactor core