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The OSU-NRL is able to host a limited number of tour groups each year to support OSU academic groups and advanced high school STEM groups in the central Ohio area. Due to space limitations, tour groups have to be limited to ≈20 people. Unless arranged otherwise, tour groups meet in the foyer in front of the Reactor Building, where they will receive an introduction prior to the tour. During a typical tour, attendees see and learn about the reactor and the control room and observe a neutron-activation demo. Other demos are available upon request.

When coming on a tour, there are a few items of which visitors should be aware:

  • Persons coming to the facility should wear appropriate clothing, including closed-toed shoes.
  • Tour group members may not bring backpacks or bags into the Reactor Building. Such items need to be be left in the foyer.
  • Consumption of food, beverages, or gum is not permitted while in the Reactor Building.
  • No cameras are allowed, however you may use pictures from our gallery. The reactor staff will take a picture of your group and email it to you, provided that arrangements are made ahead of time.
  • Adults must show photo ID; OSU ID or a valid driver’s license are acceptable. Young people must be accompanied by an adult with proper ID who will take responsibility for verifying their identity.
  • The Nuclear Reactor Lab takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen at the facility.

Email for more information.