The NRL hosts academic tours each year to support The Ohio State University Nuclear Engineering program. When the reactor schedule permits, we provide a limited number of tours for other OSU academic units. Groups are asked to cover a portion of the reactor usage fee.

Our first mission is to support the Nuclear Engineering Program and testing for the nuclear industry including research for the United State Department of Energy. Tour programming is geared towards college students pursuing a nuclear education. Accordingly, each year we can only support a very small number of advanced high school groups (senior level chemistry or physics).

For groups that can be accommodated, the space limitations of the lab limit tour groups sizes to approximately 20 people. Unless arranged otherwise, tour groups meet in the foyer in front of the Reactor Building, where they will receive an introduction prior to the tour. During a typical tour, attendees see and learn about the reactor and the control room and observe a neutron-activation demo. 

To request a group tour, please fill out the tour request form at least six weeks in advance of your preferred tour date.

An NRL staff member stands in front of reactor instrumentation talking to a small group of students



Please note: our small staff, the size and layout of our facility, as well as our commitment to providing outstanding service for our experimenters and their research prevents us from giving tours to everyone who requests them. We appreciate your understanding.


experiment for a student tour
Former reactor staff member, Joe Talnagi, performing an experiment for a tour group